About Chelsea Mar Vaccaro


“Mouse Beggin’ For Cheese,” Age 3

Chelsea’s family knew she was going to be an artist from the time she could pick up a pencil. She proudly help up the picture to the left and declared that it was a mouse begging for cheese. Her mother placed it proudly in her wallet – and it is still there more than 25 years later.

Since her first piece, Chelsea’s abilities, subject matter and mixes of media have all multiplied immensely. She continued drawing throughout her childhood with anything she could get her little hands on – pencils, pens, crayons, markers, chalk – and on anything in her path, with the exception (thankfully) of the walls. Paint then caught her attention, and quickly became one of her favorite mediums of self expression.


Chelsea in her high school bedroom in Ocean City, NJ with her personal mural.

Her love of painting continued to grow, and she became known in her hometown of Ocean City, NJ for her imaginative and vibrant works of art that graced art shows, shops downtown, and eventually entire walls in locations varying from restaurants to bedrooms! She also learned to sew and a shop on the main street in town requested to sell her handmade purses. The town’s appreciation of Chelsea’s talent resulted in a vast portfolio of canvases, murals and handbags – which helped secure a spot at her dream school, Laguna College of Art & Design (LCAD) in Laguna Beach, California.

Since graduating from LCAD, Chelsea has stayed on the West Coast but moved north and is happily settled in the mountains of Trinity with her partner-in-crime of 10 years and fellow fine artist, Brendan Gilbert. She had the opportunity to study under one of her glass-blowing idols, Kim Wertz, and quickly picked up the additional skill of crafting one of a kind jewelry pieces. She began making jewelry for herself, friends, and family members and was encouraged by their responses to her gifts to begin selling her creations online. It was at this time that her jewelry line Righteous Weasel was born.